Fire Mountain Fiber is a small, family-owned fiber mill located in the beautiful North Fork Valley in west-central Colorado. We have been farming in the same location for 20 years.

We do custom fiber processing as well as process and sell raw fiber, roving, yarn and felt from our own animals.  Fibers and fiber products for sale come from our farm, Bad Rabbit Farm. We raise Icelandic sheep, alpacas,  Angora and Cashmere goats, and a variety of other livestock. The mill is an outgrowth of our long-term interest in textiles and other artwork made with animal fibers.

As farmers and fiber processors we are part of a vibrant local community striving to revitalize agriculture and arts in our valley and beyond.

Our goal both in farming and fiber processing is to operate in as sustainable manner as possible.  Although for a variety of reasons we gave up our organic certification some years back, we have always farmed in an organic manner, seeking to minimize outside inputs and improve soil health by integrating livestock with food and fiber production.  The mill building is solar powered, with electric power produced by a 3 Kw photovoltaic array, and hot water for fiber scouring generated by an evacuated-tube hot water solar collector.  Waste fiber from the mill is composted, and wash water is reused to irrigate adjacent pasture.