We carry Icelandic wool needle felt, and a limited selection of alpaca felt.

Our standard needle felted batts sell for $25.00. We will do two additional passes through the needlefelter to make a harder felt for no additional charge. Garment felt batts sell for $50.00 Alpaca garment sells for $55.00.


We carry 1-lb prefelt batts of Icelandic wool  for $25 each, and alpaca prefelt for $30 each. Icelandic wool comes in “Light” (white to cream); “Dark” (black, very dark gray, and very dark brown); “Gray” (light to medium dark gray); and “Brown” (light tan to chocolate brown).Alpaca comes in white, fawn, brown, and black.

Call or email for availability. We can make lighter or heavier custom prefelt as well, and we will do up to two additional passes through the machine to make a harder prefelt at no additional charge.

Felted batts are approximately 30 x 54 inches.  Our standard soft felted batts, or “prefelt” contain approximately  1 lb of fiber and have been passed once through the needle felter, making a soft, stretchy felt.  Our “garment felt”  is made by combining two batts with the fibers running perpendicular to each other and run an additional three to five times through the needlefelter  to create a strong, denser felt that can be cut and sewn into various projects.


Light-weight, approximately 20 oz

Heavy-weight, 32 oz

Medium-weight, approximately 28 oz

Custom lighter or heavier prefelt and garment  batts to suit your specific needs


If you have a specific project in mind, contact us by phone or email to discuss what kind of felt would be best.  Custom work is also available, for example, combining batts to make larger or thicker felt or additional passes to make harder felt.  The cost of custom pieces is based on the number of prefelt batts used in the final piece.  Custom wool is priced at $27.50 per prefelt batt, and custom alpaca at $30.00 per prefelt batt.