We generally carry Icelandic wool and alpaca and cashmere rovings, as well as  wool, alpaca blends. The blends usually contain some merino wool, but may be mostly mohair with smaller amounts of merino wool and alpaca, or mostly alpaca with some merino or corridale wool, etc.. Roving is available in a variety of colors. The cashmere roving is very light gray, almost white.

Roving is sold by the ounce, with 4 oz minimum order.

Icelandic Wool

Available in off-white, light gray, dark gray, black, light brown, gray brown, chocolate brown   $2.50/oz

Cashmere $15/oz

Off white and very light brown

Alpaca or Alpaca Blends

Available in white, light brown, dark brown, dark gray, black $3.50/oz

Mohair or Mohair Blends

No longer available

Call or email for availability of specific fibers and colors